Travis Price Architects | Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Kalevalakehto Finished Panorama


1977 – 2014

AIA – 25 Outstanding Design Awards


Best Modern Architect-Washington, DC
Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture IFRAA  Design Award – “The Tale of the Tongs”


IFRAA Design Award
Best Ireland Civic Project of the Year-“The Tale of the Tongs”, Mayo Ireland


Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture IFRAA Design Award – “Memorial to the Magar Ancestors”


Member of the Prestigious Kalevala Society, Finland
Fellow of the American Institute of Architects


NCARB Prize – National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
AIA Design Award – “Kalevalakehto”, Helsinki, Finland


Distinguished Alumnae Award University of New Mexico


Gold Medal, Independent Publishers Book Awards


Alumnae of the Year – St, John’s College, Annapolis MD


Progressive Architecture Research Award


Distinguished Service Award AIA – Energy Seminars


Progressive Architecture Design Citation



…Pioneering architects and designers are going back to the earth with what critic Vincent Scully calls a ‘reverent appreciation for the political landscape.’…’Such a sustainable world architecture,’ says Christopher Alexander, may represent the pursuit of a ‘spiritual purity of maker and artifact’…Mr. Price designs in both the spiritual and material worlds.
The New York Times

Price focuses on cultural significance, sensuality and sustainability by first critiquing present architectural trends. He addresses “Sprawl, Mall and Tall” as a massive threat to poetic diversity: the global compulsion to build creating waves of homogenous construction that are numbing all expression, variety and history. All these assaults on the spirit are remedied by his inspired architecture, which resuscitates landscape and cultural metaphor in original, modernist works.
AIA Gold Medalist

Our planet has experienced five mass extinction events, and many scientists believe we are now experiencing a sixth great spasm of extinction. Some have suggested that the current era might appropriately be named the “Homogenocine epoch” due to its extraordinary loss of natural and cultural diversity, an enduring image of which might be pigeons eating french fries in front of a McDonald’s in Paris. Price’s message about the spread of homogeneous design and architecture, what he calls “Sprawl, Mall and Tall,” and its threat to the cultural diversity of our world is right on.
National Geographic Society

Travis Price tells us that there is an option, a way out, a means to imagine anew the relationship between place, nature and the physical spaces we construct and inhabit for most of the hours of our lives. A new architecture of the heart, informed by beauty and pure design, with new materials as simple as the sun yielding new possibilities for forms so delicate, so functional, so perfectly aligned with the axis of the spirit that they will inspire a totally new dream of the Earth. This is what makes him great, and what makes his works so important.
Wade Davis – University of British Columbia – National Geographic Society

All of Travis Price’s works are anchored in his signature architectural trinity, – Sunshine, Highways, and Temples -, … Clients are constantly looking for a senses of nature, says Price. That’s the first lens – Sunshine. They’re always looking for something that sets them out of temporal time, like a Zen garden or a Greco Column, Temples. The third lens is that we are totally addicted to frenetic change, Highways.
Home & Design

The design process began with a discussion of the facts…the living areas, simple and sparsely furnished, capture nature through windows so large that they nearly blur the distinction between indoors and out…It’s minimalism with a soul.”
House Beautiful

Travis Price’s work and influence are changing the landscape—both physically and spiritually—and how we view our culture and our sense of place. His modernist spirit is embodied in his respect for the uncorrupted environment, organic materials and natural symmetry, that poetic dialogue between structure and environment. Travis’ design philosophy strikes a familiar chord with my own—to find the balance between spirit and matter, to let one inform the other and to allow what is precious, important and naturally beautiful to secure its rightful place in our lives and surroundings.
Odegard Inc

In The Archaeology of Tomorrow, Travis Price rescues architecture from the morass of intellectual isolation that stifles the soul in contemporary design. His dynamic, all- encompassing approach invites us to engage the totality of mind, body, heart, spirit, earth and sky. Price challenges us to explore the possibilities of infusing the modern with the eternal wisdom and vitality that has inspired visionary architects throughout time.
Author of The Temple in the House

Price has seen several waves of architectural trends break and ebb, including postmodernism…and, more recently, deconstructivism…Neither has seduced him. Instead, he borrows liberally from these and other genres, creating light-suffused, idiosyncratic houses for clients who are not afraid to be different.
Mid Atlantic Magazine

A cross-cultural cabin whose shape is exotic to us, yet still familiar…On top of the highest ridges in the Appalachian Mountains, this house is rooted in the soil of two worlds. A country shack, a Buddhist temple and a cube were the images Price kept in mind as he designed this retreat for a couple devoted to meditation and hiking.
Metropolitan Home Magazine

…Price’s work is not a literal rendering of Japanese architecture, he uses imaginative ways to embrace its philosophical core, making the inside and outside one. At the same time, he draws on sophisticated technologies to make all his structures energy efficient. …Price puts into his buildings three main elements that he calls ‘sunshine, temples and highways’… he wants a sense of timeliness (nature), timelessness (temples) and timefulness (highways) colliding harmoniously.
Nature On View

The Architect’s effort has a significance beyond the campus, for Price is demonstrating what might be called an architecture of “reformed modernism.”…. Although definitely contemporary in look and feel, these interiors are insistently metaphorical—and all the metaphors, unlike those of the old, “pure” modernism, are totally intended. It is an interesting brew, rich in potential…
The Washington Post

Travis Price did a bang up job conducting a lesson in creative circumspection… the owners will spend 70 percent less on energy than they would have for a conventional building of the same size.
The Washington Post

…Price labels his architectural style ’emotional modernism’ because it challenges accepted modernist approaches and delivers content with meaning specific to the client.
The Washington Post

…The Thompson house is one of the best examples to date of the way modern architecture is reasserting itself in the local landscape.
The Baltimore Sun