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The archaeology of tomorrow is the architecture of today. How time treats what we build this century will be our legacy and what endures will create awe or emptiness.

Our work seeks an underlying theme that reflects our clients’ unique spirit of place in the 21st Century. Each design always embodies an authentic modernist space informed by cultural heritage and nature. With our clients we shape a soul for their architecture in pursuit of a “Metaphorical Modernism”. We design architecture that shapes the spirit of our shelters, knowing that for years to come, our shelters will shape our spirits. In our work, we are constantly seeking enduring metaphors as form givers. These ideas are translated into a modern idiom reflecting the distinct ecological geographies of each site with the essential mythical underpinnings of each client.

While on our design journey, three distinct lenses of time have continually encapsulated our views and work:

Stillness – …the eternal mythical time;
Movement – …the transient, changing aspects of time, change;
Nature – …time’s taste of perpetual consistency.

These three lenses, continually at play, become balanced in our work; as we seek to capture the legacy of architecture hovering between the dual infinities of time past and time future.