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Travis Price Architects

. . . is an award-winning architecture firm widely applauded for its innovative discoveries, theories and visionary aesthetics. Based in Washington, DC, Travis Price Architects shapes architecture informed by ecology, mythology and technology; restoring the spirit of place to modern design. Each work speaks to the heart of the built environment’s natural and human stewardship. Guided by a humanities-based perspective with a passion for sustaining nature and culture, Travis Price Architects’ quest for the mythic modern inspires a reinvigorated architecture of the 21st Century. TPA seeks to create an enduring archaeology for tomorrow. Travis Price Architects’ award-winning buildings range from residential projects to large commercial and institutional architecture with projects in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. TPA demonstrates that green design and culturally diverse inspirations comprise the leading determinants in today’s architecture. TPA seeks to inspire and redefine the heritage and the cultural potential of modern global architecture. Travis Price Architects strives to shape your story in authentic forms that will endure and perpetually inform the world.